Our Promise

UnMarTech Manifesto

It’s time to create a better partnership between MarTech vendors and marketers.

The 10 Commandments of UnMarTech


We believe in a simple value proposition.

#2 The Medium

We believe in communicating your way.

#3 The Marketing

We believe that your attention and your trust are the two most important currencies we could earn.

#4 The Sale

We believe in short and to the point sales conversations with product-led discussions and demos.

#5 The Journey

We believe that this is your buyer’s journey, not our sales funnel.

#6 The Agreement

We believe in easy, simple, and fair agreements.

#7 Onboarding and Support

We believe in always-on support.

#8 The Product and Data

We believe in easy to use and transparent products and in keeping your data safe and secured.

#9 Billing

We believe in delivering value not just invoices.

#10 The Renewal

We believe in the right to earn your renewal every year. No auto-renewals here.