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The B2B Customer Data Platform for Revenue Marketers

The best revenue marketers use CaliberMind's ABM, Attribution, and Analytics solutions to accelerate revenue growth.


2018 Report from Heinz Marketing & CaliberMind

The State of Revenue Marketing

In this exclusive report from Heinz Marketing, we surveyed the best of the best and came back with specific strategies and tactics the best revenue marketers are taking to accelerate revenue growth.

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Revenue Attribution & Analytics

Show Marketing's Impact on Pipeline and Revenue

Access real-time insights into your marketing performance to prove ROI and revenue impact.

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ABM Converter™

Turn Your Marketing Automation Platform into a Powerful Account Based Marketing Machine

The premise of Hybrid ABM is simple: Run demand generation and ABM side-by-side to get the revenue impact of targeted high-value accounts while still capturing inbound leads that have the potential to close quickly.

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But Don't Take Our Word For It

"Taking a Hybrid ABM approach allowed us to scale our ABM & Inbound strategies together using our existing MarTech stack ensuring the proper visibility to properly attribute our efforts with pipeline and revenue... and stay well under budget."


travis-aptrinsicTravis Kaufman
VP of Product Growth

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“CaliberMind’s ABM Converter™ allows us to implement ABM in days not months, enrich leads with account data, easily identify high-value prospects and reduce research time for sales - all of this for a fraction of the cost of an ABM platform.”


moni-fidelisMoni Oloyede
Director of Marketing Operation
Fidelis Cybersecurity

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