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The B2B Customer Data Platform for Marketing Analytics

CaliberMind is built for B2B revenue marketers that use data, analytics, and automation to grow revenue faster, together with sales.


Solutions for b2b marketers

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Integrations (White)
Integrate Your Stack & Fix Your Data

Easily integrate your tech stack with CaliberMind's one-click integrations, all while fixing your CRM data on the way.

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Engagement (White)
Measure & Score Account Engagement

With CaliberMind, easily bring your data together and develop new insights and actions on your customer's entire journey.

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Chain-based (White)
Introducing Chain-Based Attribution

With CaliberMind's new attribution tool automatically determine the contribution of each channel in the buyer’s journey to revenue.

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Workflows (White)
Automate Your Marketing Workflows

Automate insights into actions: sales triggers, engagement scores, lead-to-account matching, and smart MAP lists.

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