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The State of Revenue Marketing Report

Do you want to be a Revenue Marketer? Grow a bigger marketing team? Drive a bigger marketing budget? Win that year-end bonus? We commissioned Heinz Marketing to survey the best of the best and we are back with the first annual report on The State of Revenue Marketing.

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What Do the Best Revenue Teams Do Different? 

Marketing Sourced Revenue

They Contribute 30% or More to Revenue

Revenue Marketers have the highest percentage of marketing-sourced revenue through new accounts.

Marketing & Sales Alignment

Marketing and Sales Integrate on the Revenue Cycle

Revenue Marketers are 2.5x more likely to have Clearly Defined and Documented Revenue Cycle

Pipeline Velocity

They Measure Velocity (not just Volume)

Most Revenue Marketers can measure and report on Pipeline Velocity.

Predictable Growth

They Forecast the Future

Revenue Marketers are 2.4x more likely to Forecast Revenue Performance.

Automate Reporting

They Centralize Their Data, Integrate Tech, & Automate Workflows

Revenue Marketers are 2.8x more likely to Centralize Data and Automate Reporting


They Can Prove ROI and Marketing Performance

Revenue Marketers are 3.2x more likely to use Revenue Attribution Technology.

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