INTRODUCING Next-Gen AttribUtion

2x Your B2B Marketing ROI with Chain-Based Attribution

Goodbye multi-touch -- hello chain-based. With CaliberMind's new attribution tool automatically determine the contribution of each channel in the buyer’s journey to revenue.

Chain-based (Grey)

Attribution 3.0: The Rise of the Machine

Move beyond single and multi-touch with chain-based attribution.


Pick Your Outcome and Let the Model Run

No matter the outcome or funnel stage -- let the machine tell you the best path to conversion.


Analyze the Chain of Events Leading to Revenue

By comparing the paths of accounts that convert to those who don’t, determine what truly matters to drive revenue.


Increase Your ROI with New Insights

Determine what marketing activities truly matter for each account conversion path -- leading to new insights and ROI.

Revenue Marketing Special Report

The Ultimate Guide to Chain-Based Attribution

Marketing ROI. It's the holy grail -- knowing exactly where to spend the next dollar for maximum return. But to date, it's been hard. And only 1 in 4 marketers is highly confident they can quantify ROI. So, we did something about it... and outlined a new machine learning approach to attribution and ROI in this tell-all guide.

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Old vs New

So, what the heck is the difference?

Attribution 3.0 vs 2.0
Attribution Type Chain-Based Multi-Touch
Measures Conversion Paths Touches
Reports On Contribution to Revenue Credit
Analytics Outcome Focused Output Focused
Modeling Probability Heuristic / Business Rules
Campaign Data Virtual Campaign Blending & Custom Budgets Standard Campaigns & Budgets
CRM Integration Custom Objects Standard Objects
Identity Management Anonymous Identity Graphing Requires Email ID

See Chain-Based Attribution In Action

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