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A Single Source of Truth

Creating a coherent view of data from multiple, disparate data sources is easier said than done. CaliberMind creates a centralized definition of a customer and assigns unified IDs across all your platforms. Organizational-specific schemas lay the groundwork for account-based insights, engagement reporting, campaign hierarchies, and more.

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Your Data UniFIED

Unlock the Value of Your Data

Garbage In, Wisdom Out

It’s one thing to tap into an information source and dump data as-is into tables. Making all of those tables speak the same language is where the magic happens. CaliberMind is more than a data warehouse. We normalize, deduplicate, and unify your data so you can stay focused on business-critical insights.

A Single Source of Data Truth

Having a single source of account and contact data can improve the scope of your data models, increase the “known” value of marketing contribution, and make segmentation easier. The best part is you don’t need to change your existing workflows and enforce data hygiene.

Unique Business Model? No Problem.

Many marketing analytics solutions require a standard CRM setup. Our platform can handle the most complex selling motions. We’ll work with you to understand and accommodate your company’s unique go-to-market model.

Measure All Activity

You may notice in CRMs like Salesforce, campaign data only gets you so far. It’s common to have web and social media activity data stored elsewhere, and many of our customers also need to see how sales activity influences their opportunities. With virtual event tables, we eliminate data blindness without any hassle.

Normalized Historical Data

Getting the full picture from your CRM or MAP can be… complicated. With CaliberMind, the days of inconsistent date formats, partial snapshots, and requesting customer support involvement to access data that’s older than eighteen months are over.

Sharing is Caring

Now that you’ve got a pristine data environment, why not clean up your tech stack? With CaliberMind Flows, you can merge records, delete duplicates, push normalized information, and event write custom tables to your MAP, CRM, business intelligence tools, and more.

Data In the New Age of B2B Marketing

The Dirty Secrets of Dirty Data

Dive into our expert marketing guide as we look at marketing's rising "data debt", how to identify bad data, getting your data cleaned, and putting it to work.

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