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Automate Your Workflows

One of the dirtiest phrases in operations is “data hygiene.” It’s a necessary evil we all love to hate because of the herculean effort required to get anything done. What if we told you CaliberMind does the dirty work for you while helping you profile and elevate your hottest prospects to sales?

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Workflows (Sans Fade)

Work smarter, not harder

Make the Most Out of Your Data

Merge Duplicate Data

Sometimes people rush through data entry in their CRM. It’s common to see duplicate contacts, accounts, leads, and just about any other object in the system. Calibermind can merge duplicates without leaving any related records hanging.

Save Time With Automatic Enrichment

The average marketer spends more than two hours per week compiling lists. Your team will spend less time (and money) pulling “new” names with automatic enrichment updates that let your team easily segment your existing information.

Lead to Account Matching Solved

Having person records live in multiple tables makes reporting complicated, particularly when they don’t link to an entity table. Whether you want to automatically convert leads into contacts or let your team decide which linked leads to convert, we’ve got you covered

Escalate to the Right Person at the Right Time

By now you’ve heard we can look across all people at an account and link them to actions and intent. Did you know we can route those insights back into your CRM so your sales team can act while the iron is hot? We can even route data to your marketing automation platform to make campaign targeting more effective.

Your Insights Where You Want Them

Is your sales leader a fan of the mantra: “If it’s not in Salesforce, it didn’t happen”? CaliberMind can write any information to your CRM so your sales team can uncover insights in a platform they’re comfortable using. We can send data to your MAP and BI tools, too.

Personas Made Public

Our platform normalizes data such as industry and title, but this is only a starting point for developing custom personas. You can use any variables to develop personas and push them back into your MAP or CRM. Why develop customized profiles if your sales and marketing teams can’t use them?


2020 State of Revenue Marketing & Compensation Report

Download the 2nd annual report where we dive deep into the strategy, skills, and tech marketers are using to drive results. And this year, we take it one step further... and look at the state of marketing compensation.

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