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CRM reporting can help with segmentation, opportunity campaign influence mapping, and deduplication. The problem with out-of-the-box solutions is that they’re dependent on adherence to a standard configuration, diligent input by end-users, and over-simplified reporting models. CaliberMind understands businesses need a platform that can accommodate their unique workflows and designate attribution to more than just Salesforce campaigns.

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Attribution Models Without Limits

While out-of-the-box attribution models have their uses, they can’t span across multiple data sources or traverse custom objects. You’re also often limited to choosing a single model that can run at a given time. With CaliberMind you can incorporate sales and web-based activity into your datasets for even the most complex attribution models.

Advanced Attribution With Machine Learning

Chain-Based Attribution is a machine learning model rooted in probability and statistics. It uses your account conversion data to calculate the actual contribution of each channel. By comparing the paths of accounts that convert to those who don’t, you can uncover what truly matters.

Accurate Profiling

Profiling personas or ideal customer profiles is impossible without normalized data. It’s also less meaningful when demographics aren’t combined with interactions with your company’s resources to measure engagement. CaliberMind goes a step further and adds intent data into the equation.

Comprehensive Engagement Scoring

Many platforms stop inspecting contact level activity at the records specifically associated with an opportunity. CaliberMind can look across an account—even incorporating leads into the mix—to measure who is engaged with your business in real time.

Ignite Sales With MQAs

We’ve mentioned CaliberMind’s ability to incorporate demographic, engagement, and intent data into scoring models. What you may not know is that we can use machine learning to adjust scoring as your ICP evolves. We can even incorporate anonymous web activity into the mix.

Get the Most Out of What You Have

You pay salespeople to close deals. They’re not particularly invested in entering data that passes muster, and we believe they should spend their time selling. CaliberMind can do the hard work of fuzzy matching to reunite important data.


The Ultimate Guide to Chain-Based Attribution

In this exclusive B2B marketing expert guide, we explore a new machine-learning based approach to attribution and why it matters.

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