How Do You Stack Up?

In conjunction with Heinz Marketing, we've taken the recent survey data from our "State of Revenue Marketing" report and developed the Revenue Marketing Self-Assessment Tool.

Are you an activity, pipeline, or revenue marketer?


Take the 13 question survey to find out which type of marketer you are.

What Seperates Revenue Marketers from the Rest?


Revenue Marketers

22% of our Survey Respondents. They are accountable for 30% or more of actual revenue and bookings and are ‘highly confident’ in hitting their revenue goal.


Pipeline Marketers

Represents 45% of the survey respondents. They are accountable for revenue pipeline sourced or influenced for up to 30% of revenue, are ‘not confident’ or ‘somehow confident’ in hitting their revenue goal.


Activity Marketers

33% of our survey respondents. They are not accountable for revenue contribution

The 2018 State of Revenue Marketing Report

Brought to you by Heinz Marketing and CaliberMind, the first annual revenue marketing report uncovers five key trends that elevate top performing B2B marketing teams and operations.

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