Take the Guesswork Out of Marketing

As a CFO, you deal with cold, hard facts. Your marketing team needs a lot of tools to do their job well in our digital world, but those tools don’t seem capable of speaking to your CRM. How can you tell if their newfangled social intent predictor is worth the budget if you can’t tie its data to sales?

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Finance Teams: Predictable ROI is Here

Allocate Resources By Proven Impact

It’s frustrating to sit through a budget conversation that doesn’t tie an investment back to revenue. When every marketing tool is integrated with your CRM, ROI data is at your fingertips. You can even view progress on new initiatives in real time.

Increase Marketing Returns

Most marketers spend days or weeks each month matching disparate data sources. With a platform that integrates data across your go-to-market technology stack and displays real-time KPIs, they no longer waste time digging for insights. Your marketing team can focus on what they do best while making data-driven decisions.

Get More Out of Rhythm-of-the-Business

Friction between sales and marketing may happen when it comes to debating strategy, but everyone should be on the same page when it comes to data definitions and quarterly performance results. Keep the focus on what matters with a single source of data truth. 

Patterns in Performance
Spot Patterns to Drive Performance

Fluctuations in trends could mean a variety of things. Knowing these patterns can make the difference between reactively fixing a system breakdown and proactively fine-tuning a calibrated engine.