ABM Converter™

With CaliberMind's ABM Converter™ easily turn your Marketing Automation and CRM into a powerful ABM machine. 


Turn Your MAP + CRM Into a Hybrid ABM Machine


Auto-Select Target Accounts

Segment like a king and uncover new prospect accounts that align with the rich attributes of your most successful customer accounts. 


Identify Decision Makers and Build Personas

Do you have sufficient data, opt-ins contacts and persona coverage for each target account? Identify decision makers and map buyer personas from your CRM data.


Align Marketing & Sales on ABM Data

Salesforce data schema makes getting account data on leads an operational headache. Match incoming leads to existing accounts and bring over all the valuable information already stored on account records.


Account Journey Mapping

Visualize complete end-to-end account journeys for your sales team, see all the marketing and sales touches from anonymous to closed/ won and then to advocate on one timeline.


Pipeline & Revenue Attribution

Measure marketing's impact on pipeline and revenue through an easy-to-use full attribution engine.


Engagement and Analytics Reports

Answer simple questions such as: How do accounts move through journeys to create pipeline and revenue?  What target accounts are most engaged? How long does it take to move accounts between stages?

Hear From the Hybrid ABM Experts 

During this on-demand video webinar hear from B2B marketing experts at Aptrinsic and CaliberMind on how to take a Hybrid ABM approach and turn your CRM and Marketing Automaton platform into a powerful ABM machine with 1-click and on budget.

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But Don't Take Our Word For It

"Taking a Hybrid ABM approach allowed us to scale our ABM & Inbound strategies together using our existing MarTech stack ensuring the proper visibility to properly attribute our efforts with pipeline and revenue... and stay well under budget."


travis-aptrinsicTravis Kaufman
VP of Product Growth

“CaliberMind’s ABM Converter™ allows us to implement ABM in days not months, enrich leads with account data, easily identify high-value prospects and reduce research time for sales - all of this for a fraction of the cost of an ABM platform.”


moni-fidelisMoni Oloyede
Director of Marketing Operation
Fidelis Cybersecurity

One-Click Integrations With Your Current Tech Stack


A New Approach to ABM + Demand Generation

Run Hybrid ABM Programs through CaliberMind's ABM Converter to Power Your ABM Strategy

  CaliberMind ABM Platforms
Hybrid ABM
Measure and track both ABM + Demand Funnels
Hybrid ABM
Measure and track both ABM + Demand Funnels
Lead-to-Account Matching
Lead-to-Account Matching
Account Scoring
Account Scoring
ABM Analytics & Attribution
Account Coverage, Journeys, & Programs
ABM Analytics & Attribution
Account Coverage, Journeys, & Programs
Automated ABM Workflows
Automated ABM Workflows X
Auto-Fix My Data
Salesforce + Marketing Automation
Auto-Fix My Data
Salesforce + Marketing Automation
Time to Deploy
Time to Deploy 1-2 weeks 2-4 months
Cost  Starts at $750 per month Starts at $2,000 per month

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