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About B2B Orchestra

Enjoy our free, ungated podcast dedicated to Sales, Marketing, and Customer Operations experts who've orchestrated amazing B2B customer experiences. We cover everything from Attribution to Zenefits. Hosted by Nic Zangre and Corey Litwin -- the founders of the Marketing & Sales functions, respectively @ CaliberMind. Our guests teach listeners how they've effectively leveraged cutting edge B2B tools, tactics and strategy throughout their careers.

Shameless plug for CaliberMind

CaliberMind allows you to quickly collect, consolidate, analyze, transform, enrich, and model data from ALL your silos. Power-up your Marketing Automation, CRM, and Customer Success tools and build a data warehouse in one click. Uncover personality insights from your sales emails using NLP without writing any code; analyze marketing content and other unstructured data for tone of voice and thematic matching, then match content with actual people in your sales and marketing systems -- like Netflix for your B2B Customers.