The Forrester New Wave™: B2B Customer Data Platforms

CaliberMind named a Strong Performer in Forrester New Wave Report™

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The evaluation

Forrester's Take on CaliberMind

Offers Strong Analytics Capabilities

CaliberMind connects to the customer’s systems of engagement to create a holistic attribution model (including actions taken while the prospect is anonymous) and enables the use of these insights for segmentation and activation.

Is a best fit for firms focused on attribution.

CaliberMind offers a compelling offering for B2B marketers who want to start with and expand beyond an attribution use case.

Customers praise the company's responsiveness.

In addition to its analytics and attribution capabilities, CaliberMind’s customers praise the company’s responsiveness to customer feedback on product development.

A deeper look at Customer Data PlaTforms

Here's Why You Should Care

You might be asking yourself "why should I care" about Customer Data Platforms? For us -- it's the analytics, insights, and actions that give marketers the opportunity to impact outcomes in a positive way. So, I took a few minutes to put a few detailed thoughts on why you should care.

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