Using Better Data Insights to Orchestrate Demand

Almost half of digital marketers state that their number one objective this year is to generate quality leads. In this exclusive guide, we explore how sophisticated B2B demand marketers are taking a new approach to data management to drive quality leads.


A Look Inside the Guide

Unstructured Data

Taking Advantage of Unstructured Data

Organizations that are able to get a complete view of their buyers and their path to purchase leads to better engagement throughout the buying journey and this can only be done most effectively by accessing not only structured, but unstructured data.

Dynamic Insights

Static vs Dynamic Insights

Having real-time insight into your data provides the immense benefit of being able to dynamically view the purchase journey, identify any changes and better orchestrate your demand generation campaigns.
Campaign Optimization

Enable Campaign Optimization

Enabling better insights into your data to dynamically shape your programs and deliver the right kind of engagement greatly increases demand generation performance.

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Inside the CDP Playbook: Turn Unknown Visitors into Target Accounts and Leads

Optimize your site traffic and turn them into leads by revealing, enriching, and routing unknown visitors.

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