An Expert ABM Guide from CaliberMind

Account Based Marketing Scoring Model

In this Account Based Marketing scoring guide, the B2B marketing experts at CaliberMind dive deep into why traditional lead scoring is failing and how you can implement a better account scoring model based on fit, intent, and engagement.



A Quick Look At This ABM Scoring Guide


How Marketing Can Regain the Trust of Sales

Turn sales hesitation into sales excitement with a scoring system built for pipeline and revenue generation, not just demand generation.


Why Traditional Lead Scoring is Failing

Lead scoring isn't working because it's based on assumptions, it's labor intensive and stagnant, and it doesn't include product engagement data.

A Better Account Scoring Model

By combining fit, intent, and engagement data on the account level, progressive marketers are maximizing their investment and return in ABM.

See Account Scoring in Action

Your accounts should be scored around several factors, including fit, intent and engagement so you can see which target accounts you should target and engage.

Fit + Intent + Engagement = A Better Scoring Model

At CaliberMind, we’ve tackled this problem through the consolidation of data, the integration of essential applications and dynamic lead and account scoring functionality.

The platform integrates fit, intent and engagement data from multiple internal and external data sources, your marketing automation tools, CRM, support, chat, web and product. A lead or account score is assigned that dynamically changes based on product engagement, firmographic, demographic and behavioral criteria. Automated triggers then push this data to feed Salesforce, your marketing automation tools and more.