The Next Chapter for CaliberMind and What It Means for B2B SaaS Marketers

Today is a big day for me and for the team at CaliberMind! We have just launched our new product, new website and announced a new round of funding, backed by great investors that understand the fundamental shift happening in B2B marketing.

For the past year we have been working closely with some of the best and brightest B2B SaaS marketers at Citrix, Datavail, mParticle, Apto and dozen other customers, and with our data partners at Clearbit, FullContact, Kickfire, Marketo, Bombora and others to solve the B2B data problem.

B2B SaaS marketers know the pain and challenge of connecting data manually from all their advertising, website, marketing and sales systems. Excel reports consume their days and weeks to produce and aren’t available in real-time. Clicking through tabs to all these systems in isolation creates more questions than answers without any clear paths of cause and effect between them. Meanwhile, the next reporting or insight question is always an email or Slack message away– “Can you run a cohort analysis of the leads from Q1 to see their SQL, revenue and ROI? With breakdowns by program, region and channel?” B2B SaaS marketers know a question like this can become their next 2 week project with finance and sales ops.

But it’s not just a data challenge. The marketing team itself needs data to collaborate on top of a single source of truth to align their B2B KPIs across demand gen, agencies, product marketing, content marketing, PR and the web team. At the helm, the B2B CMO needs to continually report a clear story to diverse audiences across management, sales and the board– all while knowing what performance levers to pull to meet this quarter’s goals and plan for rest of the year.

Working with our customers for the past year, we kept hearing the same three problems:

First, how do we connect our customer data?
In any B2B SaaS company of scale, there might be tens of different data sets, from third party enrichment data, to advertising data, to first party engagement data, to sales pipeline and product data. How do you bring all this data together for reporting, segmentation, attribution, lead routing and other data heavy tasks, in a quick and affordable way without involving IT? Marketers are not data engineers, they can’t and shouldn’t build ETL pipes or SQL query databases.

Second, how do we integrate our marketing, sales and product tech?
Our customers are using anywhere from 10 to 50 best-of-breed marketing and sales tools to engage buyers and grow revenue. That presents a real data challenge when trying to align marketing and sales teams for full funnel marketing, Account Based Marketing or Account Based Sales Development. Using a traditional iPaaS approach to integration and automation onlys moves data between systems but doesn’t profile/ understand the data, hence completely missing any context to be able to build lead/ account scoring, attribution, predictive and ABM, churn analysis and any other data models.

Third, how do we act on our data?
Even if you’re integrating all your data, you still have to act on that insight. You have to surface recommendations for workflows that span teams and applications, and actually operationalize your revenue data. Generally, this requires a lot of back-and-forth between teams, and a lot of budget for implementation. Say you want to identify anonymous website visitors, create segments, or alert your sales teams on Slack on key accounts visiting your website, or maybe you want to dynamically re-target buyers on LinkedIn & Facebook and make same data available to Tableau or Looker. How do you do that? That’s a lot of data wrangling..Even the most advanced SaaS marketing teams with dedicated data engineering and data science resources spend weeks before they can activate revenue data that way.


Today marks a new chapter where B2B marketers are taking back the control on their customer data! To embrace growth as their new standard, our customers are taking a new automated approach to their B2B data, KPIs and insights with CaliberMind. We call this B2B Marketing Intelligence and it finally solves the marketing and sales divide – connecting all your KPIs, data sources, campaigns and customer journey stages in one place.

In the same way that Amazon Web Services democratized software infrastructure for engineers, CaliberMind empowers B2B marketing and sales to manage, analyze and activate that data they require simply and quickly.

Ready to embrace revenue growth and a holistic, automated view of your data in 2018? Check us out or ping me for a conversation!


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