The Intelligent Marketer Podcast Series: Episode 10

A 5-Step Process for Organizing the Customer Journey w/ Isaac Wyatt

There’s a lot of research about how to define the customer journey. Early in Isaac Wyatt’s career, when the marketing automation craze was taking off, people were looking at everything that could be automated. In hindsight, automating everything might have been the worst thing they could do. As tech visionary Donald Knuth said, “Premature optimization is the root of all evil.” Maybe it won’t lead to the death of a product or company, but it could be the end of a career for some operations folks. In this episode Isaac, who is Sr. Director, GTM Strategy & Operations at HashiCorp, explains that instead of starting with what we can automate, we’ve got to start with a goal in mind. He shares the five-step process he’s been working on.

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