Intelligent Marketer Podcast Episode 25: The Importance of Collaboration in ABM with Rebecah Wiegardt


“Alignment is just seeing eye to eye. Collaboration is actually working together.”

ABM has become a buzzworthy term in the B2B world over the past few years, but Account Based Marketing only works in a collaborative environment.

If sales & marketing are not on the same page, ABM will fail.  Both sides will be frustrated with each other. Time, money, and effort will all be wasted.  Who can afford that?

Rebecah Wiegardt is an Account Based Marketing Manager at Vyond, and she understands the importance of collaboration.  For Rebecah, collaboration means sales & marketing sitting down in the same room.  It means having the same goals. It means an overlap in responsibilities. And it means that marketing works with sales, not for sales and not ahead of sales.

Even though Rebecah has only been working in the world of ABM for 4 years, she is considered a veteran in this young space. Her advice for companies looking to adopt an ABM model would be this: Just do it!

ABM focuses on collaboration, relationship building, and authenticity.  For many B2B companies looking to reach Enterprise-level clients, it is the way of the future.  In this episode of the Intelligent Marketer Podcast, we sat down with Rebecah to talk about collaboration, measuring success, Tech Stacks, and the account selection process.


Vyond is an SAAS based video creation platform that helps companies create videos for their marketing, training, and other business related needs! It’s an easy to use platform utilizing drag and drop functionality so those without technical knowhow can create what they need quickly.

There are 14 marketing team members at Vyond which is fairly large for an organization with under 100 total employees. There is a demand gen side of the marketing team for SMB and mid-market companies, and there is an ABM team for larger clients. Rebecah works very closely with the sales team at Vyond to bring Enterprise companies in the door; her focus is on blue chip clients.

The two sides of the marketing team have to work together in order to have the same messaging. If a mid-market client recommends Vyond’s services to an Enterprise company, the two experiences need to be the same. So although the customers are segmented and some of the methods between the two teams differ, they are constantly collaborating to proactively meet customers where they can have the most impact.

Collaboration goes beyond just the marketing team itself. As mentioned above, Rebecah believes that marketing needs to collaborate with sales every single day. It’s how she measures success.

“Alignment is just seeing eye to eye. Collaboration is actually working together.” - Rebecah Wiegardt


Measuring Success

Rebecah views herself as a numbers and data driven person. She makes decisions for the future of her clients based on the information she can touch in front of her. But she has found the most success when sales & marketing are listening to customers and collaborating around the same goals.

Some of this is objectively measured in revenue numbers. If marketing is doing their job, sales is hitting their numbers. There are secondary metrics, but at the end of the day, Rebecah knows sales numbers are how marketers will ultimately be judged.

There is also a more subjective side to this success, and that is the inclusion of marketing in daily sales activities. Does marketing feel like part of the team? Are both teams both sitting in the same meetings? When both marketing & sales are singularly focused on conversions, pipeline, and similar goals, success happens.

“Having the same goals inherently makes you have to collaborate because you’re not working for two separate things. You’re working together for one.” - Rebecah Wiegardt


Tech Stacks

Rebecah loves her tech stack. Her team has invested a lot of money in having the best tools available. Like a lot of companies with an ABM component, Vyond is both a Marketo customer and an SFDC customer. These two are their main pieces of tech, but they also drink their own champagne by utilizing their own platform.

They also use an ABM platform called Engagio which helps market the right message to sales. They use a web personalization platform called Evergage for social media metrics and analytics. Finally, for data they utilize Zoominfo and Amplitude. The key to Vyond using all of these platforms successfully is getting all of this information working together.

More data behind decision making gives you better footing with customers, allowing you to meet customers on their terms and give them information that they never knew they needed.

Account Selection

In ABM it is important to set your target account list ahead of time and not waiver month to month.  On the demand gen side, things ebb and flow in terms of which clients to pursue, but not as much with ABM because it is a long term strategy.  

At Vyond, Rebecah’s team took a list of 2,000 accounts and tiered them through a proprietary algorithm they run through SFDC.  This objectively ranks potential customers on a set of criteria so the ABM team knows exactly who they are targeting well ahead of time.  

Vyond also uses traditional scoring methods to measure engagement through Marketo and Engagio.  These methods can influence how they pursue their list of tiered accounts. For example, a Tier II client can be bumped up to Tier I if they see that client engaging particularly well with their content.  Right now, Vyond does not use any third party data to influence their tiering approach, but this process is ever-evolving and could change in the future!

For those who want to learn more about the ABM world and how to improve their lives at work, Rebecah has a few suggestions! Topo provides great resources even if your team doesn’t use their services.  And reading both Deep Work & 5-Second Rule have helped Rebecah to be much more refreshed and productive at work!

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