Intelligent Marketer Podcast Episode 20: Combining your Marketing & Sales Operations Teams w/ Meg Goetsch


In a traditional business, the marketing and sales operations teams sit with their respective counterparts: the marketing and sales teams.

On the surface, this seems like a no-brainer. After all, since they’re the marketing operations team, it would make sense to sit with the marketing team right?

Maybe not.

On a recent episode of The Intelligent Marketer podcast, we sat down with Meg Goetsch, the VP of Revenue Operations at JW Player for her take on why her team has combined the sales operations, marketing operations, and customer service operations teams into one cohesive unit.

True Marketing & Sales Alignment

What Revenue Operations, or RevOps, as Meg calls it, does is centralize all of your operations staff within the business side into one team. Similar to an engineering or product team, but for the business side of the organization.

One of the major benefits of utilizing a RevOps model is better use of technology.


When a decision needs to be made by the marketing automation person, he or she are right in line with the sales force folks. They’re making decisions together in real time.

This sort of collaboration and cohesiveness doesn’t typically happen when your sales and marketing groups are siloed, as is often the case with most large organizations.

Conversations between sales and marketing also tend to be a lot less tense when you have a middle ground in the RevOps team, as they are well versed in the needs and desires of both teams.


When you can take the operations duties away from the sales and marketing teams, you enable them to actually sell and market. You free them up to what it is that they do best. By offloading the operations, you create far better alignment between the two teams.

Is RevOps For You?

The common train of thought around RevOps tends to be one of early adoption. If an organization is going to be successful and implementing RevOps into their corporate structure, they’re going to have to do so early and with intentionality.

Otherwise, opinions get set, people get stuck in their ways, and it gets monumentally difficult to make any real and lasting change.

But according to Meg, that isn’t the case.

This can truly be done at any stage, at any time within an organization. All you’ve got to have is a team that is truly focused on the users.

What it may take is a special eye towards hiring your marketing operations staff. You will want someone who both understands the core principles of marketing, but also has that insatiable drive to be an engineer. A true jack of all trades.

Granted, those people are unicorns and when you find one, hire them and do not let them go. They’re the people that are going to take your RevOps team far.

Revenue Operations is a complicated beast. It’s not something that should be approached lightly, but instead should be given the utmost respect and consideration. If you are truly looking to take your organization's sales & marketing alignment to the next level, RevOps is something that you will really want to take a look at.


This post is based on a Intelligent Marketer podcast with Meg Goetsch. To hear this episode, and many more like it, you can subscribe to the Intelligent Marketer Podcast here. If you don’t use iTunes, you can listen to the podcast here.


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