Intelligent Marketer Podcast Episode 21: 4 Keys for the Modern Marketer w/ Jami Schwartz


As technology continually shifts, and data has become more and more accessible, the profile of the Marden Marketer is an ever-expanding role. What does it take to keep up?

Jami Schwartz understands this ever-changing world facing today’s marketers. Currently, she manages B2B Demand Gen at Airbnb for Work. In her career, she’s led Marketing Operations for Intuit Demandforce at Intuit, but she’s also led a variety of marketing and marketing tech teams at startups such as Kabbage and Lycos.

She came on our recent The Intelligent Marketer Podcast and gave us four keys on how to excel in an ever-changing marketing world.

Analytics and Marketing - A Perfect Match

Jami started out in finance, but while getting her MBA at Boston University, she took a marketing analytics class. She fell in love. The combination of data analytics and creativity was a perfect match.

The timing couldn’t have been sweeter -- marketing analytics was just becoming its own discipline. Her career led her through a variety of enterprise organizations as well as startups. She’s seen the whole gambit of marketing, as well as the technological revolution the marketing world has undergone.

From finance, to the technical aside, to the creative, she has also truly tried to see the whole picture. “You kinda need to find that universal language to really be successful in this area,” she said.



Airbnb for Work 

In her current position, she leads a small but growing B2B marketing operations team. Her position in has enabled her to reshape what was once a small offering at Airbnb to an entire business travel product, now relaunched as Airbnb for Work. The idea behind Airbnb for work? Many people while on business travel would rather stay in a home than a hotel.

The cost factor, ability to cook one’s meals, needing more space, are all reasons that Airbnb for Work is attracting a growing amount of business clients. Brands like Salesforce, PayPal, Domino’s have all jumped on board.

How is Jami leading such a ground-breaking team in a new world of business travel? She gave us her top four keys on how she’s doing it:

1. The 3 Pillars: Product, Sales, & Marketing

When Jami first came into Airbnb for Work, she realized there was a growing number of businesses signing up for the product. The problem however, was many of them didn’t actually understand what the product is. She took a step back, looked at the whole picture, and aligned all three - marketing, sales, and the product.

“Bringing together the product team along with marketing and sales, really tells the entire customer journey,” she said. “We also realize we can learn a lot from each other in terms of testing and persona work.”


Now, as businesses go all the way from sign-up to purchase, they understand the product. They know how to use the entire process, the available tools to track expenses, etc. Ultimately, this results in business clients booking more travel through Airbnb for Work.


2. Single Source of Truth

Make sure everyone is viewing the same source of truth. Ensure that all all teams and individuals are looking at the same data, the same way. Regardless of what tech stack you use, Jami says to find a single source of truth -- a source of data that is the ultimate authority that determines the direction each team should go

Even if you don’t currently have a single “source of truth,” product, sales and marketing should all agree on one, and use that as their platform for decision making.


3. Don’t Be Afraid of New Technology

Technology can try to intimidate you. Don’t let it.

As the profile of the Modern Marketer has changed dramatically over the last years, and continues to do so, Jami has kept a secret in her back pocket: She always tries to understand and wield the new tool that everyone else is afraid of.

“I was always taught: Take on the project or tool that no one else seems to want to figure out; I’ve had that mentality my entire career, and it’s kept me up to speed with new technologies.”



4. Be in the Room

If you truly want to succeed as a marketer, you need to understand the entire business. Get to know the business model of your organization.

So be in the room. Whatever that room is, be there. Be available, listen, understand the entirety of what product your organization is selling and what you are really part of.

Lastly, Looking Toward the Future

We often ask the experts on our show what they think the future of marketing is. Jami had two amazing answers:

Product and sales tech will begin to mirror marketing tech. “I think outside of marketing, you’re going to start to see more sales technology and product technology mirror marketing technology.” Marketing Automation, she said, has really set the stage for what she sees as sales automation and product automation.

As technology becomes more user-friendly, all business units will start to adopt it: Technology is making it easier to see and absorb data. More technology is being built for non-technologists; revenue, sales, product development, will all be able to use the technology as it becomes more and more user friendly.

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