Intelligent Marketer Podcast Episode 13: How to Accelerate Your Demand Generation Efforts

How you do you radically improve the demand gen of your business?

On our latest Intelligent Marketer podcast, the demand gen team at ANNUITAS joined us to share their expertise from their demand gen consulting team. They offered advice on strategy, best-in-class products and solutions, and tactics on what to avoid and what to replicate. Whether you’re a marketing or demand gen specialist, or a business looking for demand gen topics, these demand gen specialists had answers.

Not one, but three members from their team joined us: Jenny Robertson, VP of Marketing Technology, as well as Emily Thornton and Taylor Enfinger, both Sr. Consultants on the ANNUITAS demand gen team. Marketo recently awarded them their coveted Revvie award for Digital Services Award Partner of the Year.

Their advice was illuminating.

The ANNUITAS Three-Stage Approach to Demand Gen Transformation

ANNUITAS is a demand gen company with a simple goal: radical demand generation transformation. In the VP’s words:  “Our goal is to make enterprises perpetual demand gen leaders.”


Who trusts them? Lenovo, Lenox, Travel Leaders, Halyard, to name a few. The ANNUITAS strategy is equally as simple as their mission:

Strategy, implementation, optimization. Here’s how they do it:

Phase 1: Strategy

When ANNUITAS works with a client, they start with strategy: First, they what actionable steps the business needs take in order to be a leader in the market.  Also in this phase, ANNUITAS will also spend about 8 to 10 weeks getting to know their clients’ tech stack.

The tendency for companies is to assume the more technologies, the merrier. This simply isn’t true. You need the CRM, CMS,  and other systems all integrated. Marketo, Salesforce and various other solutions are usually part of a company’s stack, and the more integrated the technologies are with a backed strategy, the more efficient a company can operate.

Phase 2: Implementation

After the Strategy phase, ANNUITAS sends in their tech team to come in and implement those strategies tech integration strategies. Simple. The goal?  Seamless end-to-end reporting.

Optimization includes: reinforcement and refinement of those strategies which are working and optimizing them for maximum efficiency and, ultimately, maximum ROI.

To make all three of these phases come together, you need marketers who understand people, and who have technical chops. All three team members emphasized this:



3 Wins for Companies Wanting Radical Demand Gen

Within their award-winning years of experience, the ANNUITAS team has identified three wins for companies seeking demand gen transformation:

  1. Negotiate longer contracts with platforms.This will drive cost down and use more money for other resources.
  1. End-to-end demand gen reporting. Demand gen, marketing ops teams, CMOs, and the C-Suite don’t always talk. Demand gen teams can create rigorous end-to-end reporting to show results to the other areas. Marketing ops will then have insight into what the demand gen team is doing that is successful.
  1. Perfect your strategy. Companies spend a lot of time and money on solutions, such as marketing automation platforms, and they don’t spend enough time strategizing. Without end to end reporting, and a serious strategy in place, you will waste significant resources.

3 Secrets For Marketers & Demand Gen Specialist

So you’re a marketer or demand gen specialist, seeking to transform your company. These specialists gave you some advice just for you:

  1. Keep a highly logical mindset. Marketing used to be only for the creative minded. In today’s market, as demand gen KPIs are becoming more revenue-driven, logical analysis is needed
  1. Network with other marketers. You may be the only person in your company doing what you do. Find out what other marketers are doing on their teams, and replicate.
  1. Hone your technical skills. “It wasn’t very technical 10, 15 years back, and it’s becoming more technical, and I think a lot of marketing minds are not technical minds.” said Jenny.

Last Piece(s) of Advice

On our show, we always ask our guests if they have one last bit of wisdom. On this episode, they each gave us a piece:


Bounce around, explore your interests, and see where they lead. For marketers, if those interests lead you to marketing and technical interests, there’s a great need for you right now in the marketplace. Taylor played off this by saying, “Don’t be afraid to fail. Cause it will happen. And you’ll learn from it and you’ll grow,” was Taylors.

This post is based on a Intelligent Marketer podcast with Jenny Robertson, Emily Thornton and Taylor Enfinger. To hear this episode, and many more like it, you can subscribe to the Intelligent Marketer Podcast here. If you don’t use iTunes, you can listen to the podcast here.


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