Intelligent Marketer Podcast Episode 14: How One Marketer Increased Sales Appointments by 124%


ABM transformation has taken the B2B industry and shaken it. But how do you build it within your organization, what tools do you use, and how do you implement them?

Ask Jodi Lebow. She doesn’t just talk about ABM. She delivers results and integrates sales, marketing, and demand gen to increase pipeline and drive revenue forward. During Jodi’s three years at VersionOne as Director of Marketing Operations & Demand Generation, she’s more than doubled their conversion to sales appointments. In her first few months, she blew past the company’s calendar year engagement goal.

How did she do it? She told us herself on our latest The Intelligent Marketer podcast.

Aligning Demand Gen, Marketing, and Sales

It’s all about revenue and driving the business forward.” - Jodi Lebow

Success within a business, regardless of department or goal, is the same: revenue. In Jodi’s words:. “For success, it’s all about revenue, and driving the business forward.” UNderstanding this will ensure your sales, demand gen, marketing, marketing ops, etc., are aligned under the same goal.

Jodi works with sales leaders to strategize: Marketing opens up the pipeline for new clients, and sales closes deals and cross- and up-sells.

Jodi takes this alignment with sales seriously. She meets with leaders one-on-one, sits in on sales phone calls daily, they discuss funnel, pipeline strategy and execution. She also has a weekly Sync meeting where sales and marketing align on a continually basis.

“I can’t do things differently and better if I don’t hear what’s working,” Jodi said.


Employing a Comprehensive End-to-End ABM Strategy

From the outset, Jodi sets an end-to-end ABM strategy. She starts with data-driven account selection and then builds a multi-tier account selection process, with a small number of target accounts at the top. This tier requires high personalization and resource expenditure. Below that, she creates a broader tier, where she pushes account-based or industry-based advertising that uses less resources.


For content creation, she brings those target accounts to marketing to create content and promote that content to the target accounts.

Eventually, she moves everything over to SDRs, to have them look at the analytics, and find additional people within those accounts to outreach to with highly personalized content.

While sales and marketing may not always agree on those target accounts, the numbers don’t lie: She said she has found little pushback from sales in her data-driven approach: “At the end of the day, we bring it back to data,” said Jodi.

“At the end of the day, we bring it back to data.” Jodi Lebow

Align Your Tech Strategy With Your ABM Strategy

Besides alignment with sales, Jodi aligns her tech tech stack to her ABM strategy. When deciding which tech to employ, Jodi considers the buyer’s journey. It’s a useful tool to conceptualize where each platform fits in how to employ it. Here’s how her tech strategy works with her ABM strategy:

  • Target account selection (she uses Engagio, Everstring, and Bombora)
  • Build contacts within those target accounts: Insideview, LinkedIn, Sales Navigator
  • Create content experiences for target accounts and demand generation
  • Run account-based ads,
  • Marketing Automation, such as Marketo
  • Webinars
  • Use tech, such as SalesLoft, for Individual Outreach
  • Analyze results using analytics platforms


Of course, within this changing market, new technology is always emerging. Before hopping on board with a new tech, Jodi said you should ask these questions:

  • What are you trying to solve, what do you need accomplished? 
  • How is this tech going to solve those issues?
  • How is this tech going to integrate with other tools?
  • Does this tech require a large amount of manual work from excel?
  • Besides this tool itself, how is the company that created that tech going to partner with us?

True Results are in the Numbers

“We’re not a marketing team that pats ourselves on the backs … if it’s really not opening up pipeline and driving success.” - Jodi Lebow

Jodi delivers. When VersionOne hired her to come on board in 2015, her team set a goal of 20 percent engagement with their target accounts. She hit 88 percent engagement.

She increased the sales pipeline by 40 percent. Her strategies increased conversion to sales appointments by 124 percent.

So we say be like Jodi.

This post is based on a Intelligent Marketer podcast with Jodi Lebow. To hear this episode, and many more like it, you can subscribe to the Intelligent Marketer Podcast here. If you don’t use iTunes, you can listen to the podcast here.


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