CaliberMind Releases Funnel Metrics for Multiple Demand and ABM Funnels

CaliberMind, the leading B2B Customer Data Platform, announces the addition of new Funnel Metrics to their B2B Revenue Marketing analytics suite.

Funnel Metrics lets marketing teams define, measure and report on multiple Demand and ABM funnels in the same tool. It seamlessly syncs with Salesforce, Marketo, Pardot, Hubspot and Oracle Eloqua to align marketing and sales teams on a single source of revenue truth.

Earlier this year, CaliberMind and Heinz Marketing published the State of Revenue Marketing, an annual report that surveyed hundreds of marketers, and found that Revenue Marketers are 2.5x more likely to have a clearly defined and documented revenue cycle.

“If you’ve ever tried to define your funnel stages or set up your revenue cycle in marketing automation systems, you know how hard and time consuming this can be” said Nic Zangre, VP Product Management at CaliberMind. “When we talked to our customers, this was their top requested feature: ‘Make it easy for me to define funnel stages, support multiple Demand and ABM funnels in the same tool, and take historic data snapshots so I can track conversion and see my revenue marketing performance trending.’”

B2B marketing teams currently use Funnel Metrics to unify marketing and sales through the full funnel and improve funnel conversion rates. Using a simple drag-and-drop interface, marketers can quickly define funnel stages and track multiple funnels with different stages, for both traditional demand and account-based funnels. This also saves marketers the need to buy, implement, learn and train on a separate ABM platform just to get an account-based view of their existing systems.

“Before Funnel Metrics, it was difficult to see the whole picture,” said Chris Nixon, VP Marketing at CaliberMind. “The analytics it provides allows customers to see exactly how leads progress through the funnel. It becomes clear where leads are getting stuck, and improvements can be made by our marketing team at these stages to help leads move through the funnel.”

Using the new Funnel Metrics, marketers can answer simple business questions with no special IT and Business Intelligence setup, and no data analytics skills. What impact would a 10 percent change in our marketing budget have on our revenue over the next year? Which are appropriate targets for improving revenue leverage? Which initiatives will get us there? Marketers can also compare relevant benchmarks (historical, competitive, marketplace) and see how effective they are at converting marketing investment into revenue.

CaliberMind’s new Funnel Metrics is available for a FREE test drive as part of its Revenue Marketing analytics suite that was released last month. Marketing ops can get up and running in one hour. Pricing starts at $1,000/month based on CRM records and number of system connectors.


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