Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Thank You, Atlanta.

We loved having the chance to meet with Atlanta area revenue marketers and dive deep into ABM topics that mattered to you. Download the recap to access what your Atlanta peers are thinking about.


What We Covered 


Data & Account Selection

Get your data in order first. It’s not as hard as you think. Start with rolling leads AND contacts to the account level. Then move on to selecting accounts. It’s not good enough to just let sales pick anymore. Instead, start with your customers. One idea from Atlanta was to implement a customer win survey that works it’s way back to your account selection process.


Mapping the Buyer Journey

It’s common knowledge that 5-7 people are involved in a buying decision. At the enterprise, it’s even bigger. How are you engaging with each stakeholder? How are you measuring engagement? Leverage content snippets to engage with each stakeholder and different points in the customer journey. Focus on outcomes for each and you’ll have more impact on closing the account.


The Post-Demo Bottleneck

ABM is a strategy to get out ahead of this bottleneck. No longer is it about throwing leads over the fence and letting sales engage. It’s now about tracking, enriching, and triggering action across the journey. Marketing brings the content. Sales brings the context. Think of this as a joint effort, not a funnel conversion point or a handoff. Align your efforts to how modern buyers make purchases.


Atlanta Area Alumni 

Christina Kori
Marketing, United Technology Group

Reena Kasabia
Digital Marketing Manager, Telular

Corrina Owens
Marketing Manager, SpendHQ
Ashley Darnell
Director of Marketing at vidREACH
Sandra Donovan
Global Sr Marketing Manager, Ekahau
Kelly Smith
Marketing Ops Mgr, Revel Systems
Erin Pearson
Marketing Mgr, Steppingblocks
Chris Nixon
VP Marketing, CaliberMind