with Hybrid ABM

Watch the On-Demand Video Replay

Hear from B2B marketing experts at Aptrinsic, Fidelis Cybersecurity, and CaliberMind on how to take a Hybrid ABM approach and learn how to turn your CRM and Marketing Automation platform into a powerful ABM machine with 1-click and on budget.


Your Hybrid ABM Expert Panel


Travis Kaufman

VP Growth at Aptrinsic


Moni Oloyede

Marketing Operations, Fidelis Cybersecurity


Chris Nixon

VP Marketing at CaliberMind

During the On-Demand Recording, You'll Learn:


How to Utilize Your Existing Tech Stack

Learn How to Easily Segment, Measure, and Report on ABM with your existing tech stack.


Why Data Matters to ABM

Learn how to sync your CRM + MAP, analyze account data, and match leads-to-accounts.


Why Automating Workflows is Crucial

Learn how to automate workflows between your MAP, CRM, and ABM Converter.


How to Create a Target Account List

Learn how to go from Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to Target Account List (TAL) and set-up and track your account-based funnel.

The Top 5 Account-Based Metrics

Learn what the top five account-based metrics are and why they matter to revenue marketers.


Why ABM & Attribution Are a Match

First touch, last touch, or multi-touch? What model is right for you and what should you be considering as you implement attribution.

What Is Hybrid ABM?

The premise of Hybrid ABM is simple: Run demand generation and ABM side-by-side to get the revenue impact of targeted high-value accounts while still capturing inbound leads that have the potential to close quickly.

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