360° Visibility into all Business Data at IMPLAN

IMPLAN, a leading provider of data and software for performing economic impact analyses, turned to CaliberMind to help provide 360° visibility into the organization's data.

This includes marketing and sales budgets, orders from IMPLAN's ecommerce store, and usage events tracked in their software. CaliberMind centralized and normalized IMPLAN's data to help enable IMPLAN rapidly implement and adopt Looker (an IT-sponsored BI initiative) for a company wide revenue health report.

The result: reliable data health across the company, with performance and revenue reports distributed daily to all key stakeholders that detailed aggregated spend and attribution.


Combining Data from Multiple Systems

IMPLAN needed a way to combine multiple disparate systems across marketing, sales, customer success, and product, each with their own unique and complex data structures. They had the expertise to build data pipelines and infrastructure on their own — but not capacity or time.

Centralizing Marketing Spend and Attribution

Their VP of Marketing partnered with the Product and Technology group in making an investment in CaliberMind. They opted for a turn-key data solution over wasting time and money with deploying point tools or a home-grown data warehouse. Instead, they choose CaliberMind for its ability to act as a data refinery that collects, organizes, and maintains their data warehouse securely within AWS.

Centralized marketing attribution, combined with churn, renewal, and engagement metrics, are unified into a single source of truth. IMPLAN regularly syncs budget and campaign performance data to CaliberMind, which is then readily available in a simple query or report inside Looker. These centralized files and segments are then synced back to Salesforce so that product revenue and transactions are noted at the Account and Opportunity level.

Data siloes were another driving factor in the solution to IMPLAN'S data needs. If they had built their own data warehouse, data would be siloed there — marketing and sales would have no way to get data out without writing code. Enter CaliberMind.


  • Industry: SaaS - economic impact analysis and planning
  • Location: Huntersville, NC
  • Employees: 100
  • Solution: Data Intelligence & Automation including custom budget & ecommerce orders sources, Attribution & Analytics, data feed for IMPLAN’s Looker tool (BI)

Swift Implementation and Quick Time to Value

CaliberMind was able to connect and sync all data within the first week of deployment. The CaliberMind team also helped deploy reports and acted as data analytics specialists for the Looker project.

IMPLAN'S original BI deployment project was cut down from 5 months to just 30 days. IMPLAN also saved an estimated $120,000 in costs across ETL (data pipeline tools), maintenance, and hosting for their data warehouse.

Erik added, “We can implement new tools and systems at IMPLAN, and they’re available in CaliberMind as soon as we roll them out. We’re able to cleanse or enrich data on the fly, but also have a persistent data store to historically track and analyze our e-commerce and product interactions."


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