Apto Improves Top-of-Funnel Volume and Quality, Leading to More Conversions

Apto, a provider of CRM software for commercial real estate, turned to CaliberMind to help fuel its aggressive demand generation targets. The goal was to most effectively allocate ad spend to drive more sales-ready and engaged leads. Apto had excellent inbound web traffic to capitalize on ABM and intent data. However, using its marketing automation and google analytics alone Apto still could not get the right advertisements to prospects or alert sales when a target account was engaged.


The Challenge of Wasted Digital Ad Spend

Apto has great content that attracts many buyers who don't match their ideal customer profile — such as residential brokers instead of their target of commercial ones. As a result, a lot of wasted ad spend occurs for retargeting and converting leads by the sales team. To further complicate things, Apto’s target customers are not large B2B enterprises, so enrichment vendors struggle with identifying the firmographics of inbound leads.

Turning Unknown Visitors Into Qualified Leads

The Apto team installed a CaliberMind code snippet on their website, and within a few hours qualified leads which used to be anonymous website visitors were now instantly being identified and loaded into their CRM as leads for the sales team to qualify.

With CaliberMind now the second largest source of leads for Apto the partnership enables Apto to focus more on converting leads without additional operational overhead, while also more effectively targeting their ad spend.

CaliberMind's Visitor Blueprint gives them the flexibility to tie together data from Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Salesforce, and Pardot, as well as CaliberMind’s own enrichment data, then activate it not only back in Salesforce and Pardot, but in LinkedIn and Facebook as well.

Visitor Blueprint

Apto chose CaliberMind Visitor Blueprint for its ability to identify and activate marketing strategies based on site visits. These visitor lists are used to generate more focused targeting and better reaching campaigns. For example, if one broker visits Apto’s site, they can easily target other brokers from that same company.

This 'air cover' helps to greatly increase brand awareness when doing extended retargeting as part of an Account Based Marketing (ABM) program. CaliberMind provides ongoing hashed email lists for use in automated advertising. Meanwhile, strategic account visits are bubbled up at the Account Level within Salesforce. This lets sales know that a new target account or ICP-visitor is engaged on the website.

Realizing Immediate Benefits

Upon completion of the rollout, Apto realized benefits throughout the entire top of funnel.

Previously, upwards of 93% of Apto's 25,000 visitors/month of web traffic was unconverted. With CaliberMind, Apto is able to unmask over 30% of that, or 7000 potential new leads, which otherwise would have gone unnoticed.

Higher quality and higher volume leads were generated. Cost-per-lead decreased by 15%, MQL volume went up by 11%, and MQL-to-SQL conversion rates improved by 9%.

 About Apto
  • Industry: SaaS - commercial real estate CRM
  • Location: Denver, CO
  • Employees: 100
  • Solution: Visitor Intelligence, Demand Orchestration

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