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Customer Stories

Our customers are progressive, forward thinking marketers who are looking to meet the demands of the business and contribute to their corporate revenue growth by taking a data driven approach to marketing.

Apto Identifies and Targets Key Site Visitors

Apto, a provider of CRM software for commercial real estate, turned to CaliberMind, a Marketing Account Intelligence platform, to help fuel its aggressive demand generation targets.

The goal was to most effectively allocate ad spend to drive more sales-ready and engaged leads. Apto had excellent inbound web traffic to capitalize on ABM and intent data.

Upon completion of the rollout, Apto realized benefits throughout the entire top of funnel. Higher quality and higher volume leads were generated. Cost-per-lead decreased by 15%, MQL volume went up by 11%, and MQL-to-SQL conversion rates improved by 9%.

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Datavail: Fueling Account Based Marketing & Sales

Datavail, an IT services provider, turned to CaliberMind, a Marketing Intelligence platform, to help fuel its initiative around Account-Based Marketing & Sales.

Using CaliberMind, Datavail was able to qualify, enrich, score and route key accounts to sales and gain powerful insights into their buyers, which were then used to optimize and drive marketing and sales account-based efforts.

In few months time, they realized a 35% increase in key account coverage.

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360° Visibility into all Business Data at IMPLAN

IMPLAN, a leading provider of data and software for performing economic impact analyses, turned to CaliberMind to help provide 360° visibility into the organization's data.

This includes marketing and sales budgets, orders from IMPLAN's ecommerce store, and usage events tracked in their software. CaliberMind centralized and normalized IMPLAN's data to help enable IMPLAN rapidly implement and adopt Looker (an IT-sponsored BI initiative) for a company wide revenue health report.

The result: reliable data health across the company, with performance and revenue reports distributed daily to all key stakeholders that detailed aggregated spend and attribution.

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