What is B2B Marketing Intelligence?

The B2B buyer’s journey has changed.

On average there are 8 buyers involved in the buying decision. They are 60% through their research before even talking to your sales team. And they engage via multiple channels: email, web, social, events, ads, direct mail and even chat bots.

The problem is that B2B marketing hasn’t changed, marketers are still marketing to buyers using the same tools, the same ‘spray and pray’ tactics, and most marketers are struggling with showing impact and contribution to revenue.

There is growing pressure on marketing to grow revenue and own the entire customer lifecycle - Closed/ Won is the new MQL.


Today, oftentimes data stands in the way of marketing goals.

Be it growing revenue, acquiring new buyers, or improving the customer experience - and that creates a huge disconnect between marketers and buyers, between marketing and sales, and between marketing and the rest of the organization.

B2B data is a three-headed monster.

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First, there is marketing and sales tools fragmentation.

What’s crushing marketers right now is that every time there’s a new buyer touchpoint, there’s a new marketing point solution for it, it’s overwhelming the B2B marketer who must deal with with 15 or 20 different point tools.

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Second is the data fragmentation.

The data you need to grow revenue is now scattered across CRM, Marketing Automation, web analytics, data warehouses and BI tools. It’s a mess that prevents B2B marketers from demonstrating value. And while CRMs improved over time, the data that feeds them got worse. This bad and fragmented data stands in the way of marketing goals, resulting in poor targeting, low campaign performance, spam, content waste and a lack of holistic account view in across the buyer journey. All contributing to a lack of impact.

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And finally, there is a real marketing data skills gap.

Marketers are not analysts or data scientists. Right now, there are just way too many layers between marketers and their data, even BI tools are not designed for modern marketing. That’s because they rely on skill sets that marketers don’t have– like SQL coding– keeping marketers from taking control of their data. If we want to solve this problem we need to make data more accessible, we need to turn data into intelligence.

The future of B2B marketing belongs to ease of access to data.

What if marketers could consume any data, manipulate automations across the entire marketing and sales tech stack, and execute on any platform or channel with zero IT support?

What if marketers could have all those marketing and sales tools driven by a shared campaign / decision engine that coordinates contacts and content across channels

What if marketers could make better use of data to acquire new buyers, grow revenue and improved the customer experience?


Enter B2B Marketing Intelligence.

A B2B Marketing Intelligence Platform can quickly take all your marketing and sales data in from your CRM, Marketing Automation, Web Analytics and your entire engagement stack.

It can then cleanse, enrich and  segment it and provide insights on your ideal customers, your total addressable market and your best performing campaigns.

Last it can activate this data in your marketing, sales, and engagement systems - allowing you to generate new leads, pipeline, and revenue.

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