Started To Solve Our Own Problem

CaliberMind is built by marketing technologists and data scientists, for people like us.

Why We Started CaliberMind

“Know your Customer”, one of the most basic rules of business, has been redefined over the past several years. At CaliberMind, we believe that customers should be treated as people, not data sets, with Marketing and Sales strategies more human centric. We are a team of experienced data scientists, UX and product designers and marketers pioneering the way that companies communicate with their most important asset–their customers.

Our Core Values


We strive for the highest quality in our technological innovation.


Connecting companies to their customers on a personal level.

Our Customers

Our focus is for our clients to not only be satisfied, but impressed. Our customers success is our success.

Not only do Marketers need to understand a single buyer, but also a group of buyers, as up to 17 people now influence a typical enterprise buying decision (Source: IDG). Understanding so many buyers at such a personal level requires a lot of data and intelligence, and until now, it’s been too high of a technical hurdle to achieve, resulting in longer sales cycle (average 8 months) and lower conversion rates (1%-3%) “Evidently, buyer psychographics is one of the most effective B2B segmentation dimensions in large deals with long sales cycles, resulting in a 25% or higher increase in business performance.”